Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stronger Than This

"Cause I know how hard it can get
But you gotta lift
You gotta lift
And sometimes that's how it is
But I know you're stronger
Stronger than this"
- Lift, Shannon Noll

I gotta lift... my left hand!! waaahh!! It hurts. From my cervarix vaccination jab today. The nurse warned me, that if I don't keep moving my left arm, it will get worse. I went for a swim this evening, and every stroke of my left hand hurt like hell! *blinks a tear away* So I did what I could to make the pain tolerable. I swam a single-handed freestyle. Keeping my left hand straight didnt hurt any less, but it was better than the shearing pain of lifting it up and into the water again.

I miss my good left arm :(

Nemain. I will bear the pain cos I am stwong and am going to spend 6 days of diving bliss in Sipadan with or without it! So there! I just ordered my wetsuit today for RM366. Since rental is RM35 a day in sipadan, I might as well buy my own. Heck, I'd break even with 2 dives with the amount I spend on my own wetsuit vs renting one!

Btw, did I mention that yours truly made an appereance in CLEO magazine this month?

Not bad for 2010. One newsletter (Kiehl's), two cycling mags (Cycling Asia & Cycling Malaysia) and one beauty mag (Cleo). My 'pretend' rise to stardom! Hehe.

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  1. wow!!! ok i gotta grab that cleo magazine, sooo cool la hsing ling XD