Friday, August 13, 2010

PADI Refresher

I took my PADI refresher course at Global Scuba Kota Damansara - finally! I had so much fun! Mostly to the fact that it was among us triathletes/runners/cyclists. It was quite funny too, when we realized that none of went for training that Sunday. Siok Bee, Meng, Celine, Yip, Keat Seong, Jenn, Mich, Raymond, Poh Seng...everyone! And of course, our master diver, Richard! Pictures from that weekend should soon be posted on Jenn's blog, so you can view them at

Of course, the only reason why we would go for a refresher is that we would be going to Sipadan for a diving trip, and most of us hadn't been diving for a long time. I think you need to have at least dived for 6 months before you join any diving trip. Now, it has been 2 years since I last went diving. And the best part is, the last time I went diving, it was to obtain my Open Water Diver's license. It was one of those things I did at the spur of the moment, when I wanted to know how its like to 'breathe' underwater with the fishies.

This time, I will be going to Sipadan to obtain my Advanced Diver's License. I just found my OWD card, and it's still so shiny and new! That's not the best part. The best part is, my dive log book is EMPTY! Speaking of empty, that would be the soon-to-be state of my bank account after Sipadan.

12 more days! :D

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