Monday, July 5, 2010

Eco-X Capade

Eco-X Series was amazing for my team, Amazing Racers! Stefan and I were 'match-made' through Nomad because we both couldn't get partners for the race and we wanted to take it 'easy' as this is my first adventure race and his first after many many years..
I realized one thing about myself in this race - I am actually more capable than I think I am. I only need to be confident and not let go of the bike. Hahah.

The day before the race, we had skills test for abseiling and rock climbing by the beautiful Batu Dam reservoir.

Briefing by the race director. We love her Ellen Degeneres tone and entertaining style!

Batu Dam :) We will kayak from one end (like, waaaaaay to the left of this picture not captured) to this end!

Race ready! Stefan and Hsing Ling, the Team 515, Amazing Racers!
Cool team number bandanas sponsored by Buff headwear!

Our first challenge is the Mountain bike trail. I gained confidence from the beginning as I was able to clear some technical downhills. Little did I know I was not ready for an even more technical one, and crashed. Bruised my cheek and bent part of my rear deraileur, but was fine and could still continue.

Finally, out from the mountain bike trails!
And into the trekking zone! Boy. So tough! It rained on us, and we had to climb and scramble over loose soil turned slippery mud. Very life threatening for the unfit or unaccustomed racer I would say. I'm grateful for all the Pilates classes and the trail running I had done prior..
Caving portion. Fun! At least it wasn't THAT slippery in the dark..

So Stefan and I split up at Checkpoint 8 to our abseiling. I opted for the 30m abseil into the dark cave + 15 min trek to Batu Caves while he did the 100m abseil from the top of Batu Caves down.

Abseiling down into the cave. I got lost looking for Checkpoint 10, and made a whole loop around checkpoint 8 again. :( And so did a lot of people. By this time, the slopes were virtually untraversable, and I would say it was risking my life! But I did it! And it was the most memorable part, because I had to do it alone using whatever core strength and flexibility I had. Think Avatar...hehehehe..And that's how I got covered with mud head to toe..

Finally, I found my way to the Batu Caves checkpoint 10!

And reunited with my team mate!

We road biked and trail ran in speedy time to our Kayak checkpoint! I had actually held my bladder the whole time from beginning of the race, and peed in my pants during the run. hehehe. good thing there was water around. At that point, we both couldnt be bothered how disgusting we looked or smelled..

Paddling with all our strength, looking for the secret code on two buoys. Which we managed to find.

Reaching the shore on the other side...

And ran with whatever energy we had left to the Finish Line!

The muddiest competitor of the day! :)

We each received finisher towels! Approximately 8 and a half hours of racing! In good time, and in good form too.

Spent the following night and morning washing everything. So muddy! I had milo-colored water running all day long!
SO much gear for adventure racing! Fuh!
Would I do it again? YES! But not until I get full leg tights and long sleeves. I am so bruised and scratched at my exposed areas.


  1. Excellent racing. I'm almost regretting going diving, but there's hopefully next year.
    Leg protection is great - I forgot to wear gloves on hash challenge and had loads of cuts all over my hands. Maya my two year old daughter mixed up shark bites and sharp cuts and thought I'd been attacked by a shark in the jungle.....

    Good racing :D