Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ROTM Putrajaya - Port Dickson (22 May 2010)

After my two weeks of complete rest, I joined the Bkt Jelutong Boys for the Ride of The Month, or as the regulars call it, ROTM from Putrajaya Bike Park to Port Dickson and back. The distance was 125km, the first long ride since interstate.

We convoyed to the start point in 7 cars! OJ, Tony, Uncle Patrick, Joanne, Mohan, Ishaal, and Alison. Great way to begin the ride. I actually left Casa Tropicana a little too early and reached the Puchong Tol at 5:50am, 23 minutes earlier than agreed so I turned back, wasted RM3.60 on toll, and waited with Tony and Alison at 5 Star Mamak. :D

The start of the ride saw a big group of cyclists, easily 50 riders I would say. Everybody was geared up and excited for the ride as the Interstate Bug was still biting their legs! hehe. We rolled out a little before 8am. Poor baby Vong, who rode from Cheras to Putrajaya had a flat along the MEX and so turned back upon reaching Putrajaya becuase he couldn't make the start time. Well, lucky thing he did, because about 20-30km into the ride, the weather STORMED on us. This is the first time that I can say I rode through a storm. The downpour was so heavy, that i felf the raindrops like pieces of rock falling onto my back. Not to mention the strong winds that blew us to the side.

We regrouped in Sepang, the first group to reach. Upon reaching, Uncle Patrick, Amanda, and I agreed that we will join the second peloton to Port Dickson instead. Heck, we were going at 45km/hr instead of 30-35km/hr as was briefed earlier on. Sweaty and drenched, we refueled on bananas given by the support crew and nasi lemak. The rain only started to slow down after the last peloton arrived.

When we started off again, I was already regretting that I did not wear my arm warmers. It was SO COLD!!!! I felt as if I was back in Davis during a cold Fall morning cycling to campus. Brrrr.... But we warmed up soon enough as the pace picked up speed pretty quickly.

Overall, I think I did well for this ride. I finished strong and kept a good steady pace throughout.

Group shot at Port Dickson. :D

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