Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gunung Angsi Challenge (8 May 2010)

Wow. I haven't updated since my Interstate Day 1 post! I will have to continue Day 2 and Day 3 but i'm just feeling lazy. A series of events unfolded since Interstate, and life has been super duper busy with work, settling into my new condo, races, training, trips, etc...

The weekend after interstate, Kenny, Debbie, Lydia, Dave, Michelle, Raymond, and I took part in the Gunung Angsi Climbathon, which is actually the 3rd of the series of challenges, the first being Gunung Nuang and the second, Gunung Datuk Challenge. I sprained my right ankle twice in the race, the first time going up, and the second time going down. However, I managed to finish with 8th position. I would probably have got 6th position had it not happened. I did stop to help Debbie with her cramps, and let one gal overtake us. When Debbie recovered, I just wasnt able to keep up cos the weakened joint. What is important, I realized, is not the position you get, but the friendships you sustain and your mental power to finish the race still feeling good and strong.

Some pictures from the race.

At the start of the race, everyone looking fresh. From left, Dennis, Dave, Deb, Kenny, Mich, and moi. At the end of the race, Dave won 9th place, Deb 6th, Mich 5th, and moi 8th.

Champion Lydia! She won 4th place in this challenge (quite unfairly, but we will never know the whole story on how another girl suddenly appeared out of nowhere for 3rd place..) but got 2nd place overall for the series! Congrats, iron lady!
Debbie with 6th place!

Me, at 8th place. RM50! Ok la...boleh cari makan sikit...
After the exciting morning, we headed off to Dave's place where he whipped up an awesome lunch of healthy omelette and tomatoes! Lydia made a chocolate ice cream banana smoothie that got us all licking our spoons..yum yum!
My foot had started to swell tremendously on the way...and this is how looked that night. O.o
And so begins my two weeks of complete rest from running, cycling, and swimming. But no rest from work. >_<

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