Sunday, June 27, 2010

Epic Hash 2010 (27 June 2010)

It's been about a month since I was on the MTB saddle. And today was the day to leave Colnago at home and bring Cinder Cone out for some sunshine!
This was my first ever Epic Hash with the KL MTB Hash group! I had a good first Hash experience last year in Kiara, and was looking forward to this one after so long. The best part, Vong and I rode together :D :D :D
The first climb of the ride was like a freaking wall! Thankfully, my best MTB skill is...Pushing-Up-Hills! Haha. I realized I was pretty good at it when I effortlessly pushed past so many riders going up. Lol. On the downhill, we saw Bernard who had fell and injured his leg or something, so I decided to play safe and ride and push half and half down. Then about 45 mins into the ride, I got a flat. Boo. But Vong came to the rescue and changed the tube for me. Yay. Because of the flat, we fell way behind everyone else, but managed to catch up at the traffic jams. :D Phew.

The rest of the ride was a mud fest for us as the 200+ riders had already mashed through the soft dirt and mud. The only mudfest I had was Sg Lembing, and I would say this hash mud fast was FUN! Our tyres would be caked in mud, as Vong put it, every 3 metres, and we'd have to stop and yank out the mud cakes! Hehe.

It was already 9 minutes past 11am when we reached the river crossing. So no point continuing to checkpoint 1 (and thus losing out on the lucky draw prizes of sexy ladies on bicycle accessories).

Hehe. Specialized lucky draw prize :P

Some pictures post-ride as I just too caked in mud to take out my iPhone to snap pictures. :)

Before the bike wash...yuck yuck!
We stopped by Specialized on the way back for Vong to get his insoles and me to order my BG S-works women's cycling shoe. And guess what happened to our bikes?
Bling bling again...after the bike wash! :D
What a day. Next weekend is Eco-X Challenge by Nomad Adventures! Need to start and review my rock-climbing & abseiling techniques!

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