Saturday, May 29, 2010

Singapore Mountainbike Carnival 2010 (29 May 2010)

12 hours of mountainbiking through the night. How do we do it?
SLEEP!!! Hahahahah!!!
Great event, wonderful people & hosts, super trails consisting of technical downhills + cross country, and lots and lots of good SLEEP! :D :D :D

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 1: The Flat, The Rolling, and The Almost-Wall

Day 1 of Interstate begins with a flattish and rolling route all the way for 110kms. We began the ride at Perak River Resort at 7.30am. It ends with a 30km climb and descend to Tasik Banding.

It rained early in the morning in Kuala Kangsar, but despite that, we flagged off about on time and by then, the rain had reduced to a light drizzle..

Off We Go!!

Everybody looking cheerful! Malcolm says hi!

Chilling out in the front with Vong. Sun was still behind the clouds, so I had my sunnies tucked behind my helmet. :)

First regroup and refill at Lenggong.

Oooo look~! 75km to Banding and 23km to Gerik!

As our peloton went through Gerik town, I spotted a KFC on the opposite side of the road. Yay! So we stopped and had lunch. The Air-Con was a life saver in that sweltering afternoon heat..

Our lovely supporters & Marshall car!

The scary descend after a long long climb. I had to overtake a trailer on the way down a highway with those line separators that can make ur wheel skid if you're not careful. Scary shit.

And an almost-wall up to the resort! Yay! We have arrived! 140 clicks done!

The view is beautiful at Tasik Banding from the resort.

All the bikes parked. Them Bikes can have their own Orgy Fest @ Night! woohoo.

After lunch, is the photo session. Everybody looking stoned.

..and still stoned after that..waiting for dinner..
the ladies get to go first! :D and the men wonder what is taking them so long. this is why. hahahaha

lots of hungry cyclists...

and a happy one taking two plates! hahaha

..for Vong who is the road safety and briefing emcee..that's just Don getting in the way. ;P

So that's a wrap for Day 1's 140 clicks. 180 clicks coming right up!

Interstate Intensity

I am back from PCC Interstate 2010! Woohoo! I had a great time, with great & wonderful people, good food, good hotels, fantastic sceneries, and a superest bestest wonderfulest boyfriend for 3 days (who put up with all my nonsense and intermittent grumpiness on/after the ride)!

PCC Interstate is an annual 3-day ride that takes cyclists across the states in peninsular Malaysia. It is usually held during Merdeka weekend of August, but because Ramadhan falls around that time these couple of years, the interstate for 2009 and 2010 is brought forward to Labor Day weekend instead.

Last year, the route took us about 350kms total from Seremban - Gemas - Gunung Ledang - Melaka. This year, the mileage is a whopping 500km-ish, taking us from Kuala Kangsar - Tasik Banding - Kota Bharu - Tasik Kenyir.

To be able to complete all 3 days' mileage, one needs to have enough mileage in their legs and endurance + speed to last. Riding too fast may not be a good idea if you bonk out at 130km with another 40km to go. Nor riding too slow is, because the long haul of 8 or 9 hours or more takes a toll on your recovery time for the next day's ride. So, a balance of speed & endurance is essential to ride and complete interstate well.

The Vong Express gave us exactly this balance of speed & endurance. We call it the Vong Express because Vong (my bf whom I am so pwoud of :D) became the peloton leader naturally, hands down. It is also mostly because he was pulling the entire peloton for long stretches, going to the back occasionally only to push back the riders in the peloton who were in danger of falling behind. From Day 1, cyclists will instinctively join his peloton, no questions asked. We also picked up cyclists who got dropped from the faster pelotons. I wonder, if there were ever such a course called Peloton Management 101, he would qualify as the prof. or coach. Hehe.

As the entire experience is too lengthy for me to blog down in one entry, I will blog each day individually in the upcoming entries. :D