Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sg Lembing MTB Challenge 2010

20-21 March 2010

Yay~ My first Mountainbike Race! I had so much fun with the usual gang - Disco Dave, Lydia Cicak, Debbie, Kenny Say Lou Yeh and Yong!

Contrary to what was told by the organizers, the 2km loop was damn technical ok (see pics below)! I had not been practicing at Kiara or Putrajaya's technical trails, so when we test rode the route on the day before, I was getting worried. But then Dave said something that made real sense - If you can't ride it, get off and push the bike! That's what M.T.B. stands for - Mari Tolak Basikal! Yeahhh.. so we gals in the women's open were supposed to do 10 laps, and men's veteran (the two say lou yeh's Dave and Kenny) had to do only 6!
Come race day, Dave and Kenny both got podium finishes (3rd and 4th respectively! Yay!), while Lydia and I just did as many loops as we wanted (no hopes la, so many girl state riders joined..). I managed to do 5. Not easy ya.. It took me 5 loops to finally do as many downhills that I daren't do in the first 4.. My most memorable moment at Sg Lembing this time was the last downhill I attempted! Whippeee!! Small achievement, nonetheless!
Something funny happened to Dave during the men's veteran race. He actually tore a hole in his pants right at the buttcrack! I kid you not!! LOL. He's the butt of jokes now, literally! Hahahaha
Chilling out in Kuantan that weekend was so rejuvenating! Great fun, great food, and most of all, great company! Looking forward to the next round. In the meantime, I need to practice and learn more on the MTB.
Next MTB event: Singapore 12 hr MTB challenge!

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  1. Aiya, next time crop d a** pix tighter lah...
    At least some of us could get x'cited for a second or so!