Friday, April 9, 2010

Port Dickson Ride

4 April 2010
Here we go. The 3rd last long ride before Interstate 2010! The heat and excitement is building up, with about 60 cyclists showing up at MTDC Bangi on an early Sunday morning. Destination: Port Dickson with 138 clicks!

I felt very tired in the morning and it took forever for me to get out of bed. When I finally did and got ready to go, it was already 6.45am. With the ride starting at 7.30am, I had less than 45 minutes to drive to Bangi from Kota Damansara.
7.20am. Reached MTDC Bangi just in time to unload the bike and get ready. And walaaa!!! What greeted me that morning was a pleasant surprise! Debbie had got herself a Lux Dream COLNAGO!! Woot! That makes us the two rare Colnago babes in town baybeh!! The Cycling Asia Magazine crew were also there, they probably decided to show up and take some photos of the ride in prep for Interstate?

It was great to see some faces I haven't seen for a while. It was good to see my trail running friends Shakhir and Bacin on the bike. I haven't met with them since the Salomon run last December! :D

I have such a bad habit of not writing a post-ride write up while its still fresh in my mind. Now that its almost a week since the ride, I find that I can't remember most of how it went. What I DO recall is that this ride to Port Dickson is one that I found myself fit enough to enjoy without bonking/suffering on the way back. I actually did feel very strong even climbing De Palma Hill and had more than sufficient energy in the legs to have some fun sprinting here and there upon reaching MTDC. Vong and I also accidentally dropped the fellows in our little peloton on one of the steep climbs back. Ooops.

Maybe its the triathlon training (ie: brick runs, swim, intervals)? Or the mountain biking (torque and power thingy)? Or maybe the RPM/Rapid Abs classes I attend once a week? Whatever it is, i better try to maintain this level of fitness and not peak too soon before Interstate.

Oh! And here is the Cycling Malaysia magazine interview article. Yay.

In conjunction with Women's Day in March, they decided to interview female cyclists/athletes who ride.

Imcyclist (Joo Ngan Son's group) 2010 Calendar with TDF 2010 Route on the flip side (not shown) came with the March issue.

Jennifer, Michelle, Debbie

Me, Lydia, Elaine

Yay. The weekend's finally here. With BROGA ride on Sunday. Woo....scary.. My first Broga. I've heard SO SO SO much about it. After all those missed chances to ride it in the past, I'm definitely not gonna miss this Sunday's!!


  1. Whoaa, I wish I could get a copy of that magazine :)

  2. Wow.. Iron ladies/cyclists...

  3. yoong - when u come back, you can buy as many cycling asia and cycling malaysia mags are you wish!

    nik - hey man! rode with your buddies bacin and shakhir to pd the other day. no la..not many lady athletes around easier nak masuk mag..hahahaha