Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stop. Look. Go!

It's been a productive week so far. Apart from the usual work, I've been able to fit in my swim-bike-run intermittenly. Good news! I got some good sales this week. Plus my pharmacy talk today went well. Need to continue to be on the tip of my toes for this weekend's activities with my KOLs. :D

Monday saw me getting back into shape for the swim. I had a comfy 600m swim at True Fitness after work without much heavy panting after each lap like the last two weeks. I was so unfit for swimming since after Chinese New Year. I hope I can keep on improving steadily till Kenyir Tri this March end. Right after my swim, I quickly got ready for RPM. And again, I hadn't gone for RPM since donkey weeks (all CNY's fault!). It was good to have Eng Guan teaching that evening. I don't really have any preference for any instructor, as long as I get my interval training in. 20 minutes into the class, I was sweating drops onto the floor! Mind you, my body does not sweat easily in an aircon environment like the gym, so that's an achievement. The two guys next to me had sweat puddles under their machine! :O

It was a long Tuesday at work, so it felt really good to join the tuesday night regulars for TTDI night ride. There were so many riders that night! Everyone must be trying to get in extra mileage and intervals for interstate. Lydia even came on her beloved Cicak (Komensal MTB) with new Knog green lights on her wheel hubs. Coolness, that gal's got style! Penchala Link and Pusat Sains Negara highway saw the usual attacking and dropping, etc..until OJ and I reached Bukit Damansara area. This car with a lady driver literally drove into OJ! But of course, OJ with his maneouvering skills emerged unscathed but fuming mad at the driver. What can I say? You don't drive into a bunch of cyclists and expect to get away with it, yes?

And right when we thought the world was rid of lousy drivers, another car proved us wrong. Right in the middle of the bukit damansara famous hill, this car slowed down and stopped right in front of us with no signals on whatsoever! OMG. -_- There went my groove. No choice but to upsaddle all the way up. Haih... The rest of the ride went on as usual. At one point on the long stretch downhill towards bkt damansara, the sight of all the blinking tail lights on 20 odd bicycles going downhill was a sight to behold! Simply beautiful!! After the ride, Debbie and i ran 2 loops around the shops in TTDI. There were a few shady folk around so we modified the second loop to avoid them. Better safe than sorry, yes?

Managed to get another swim workout in today after work. I didnt think i'd be able to do it after the long day I had today. I actually left my house BEFORE 7am to catch this doctor at the hospital cos I didnt wanna get stuck in the jam and miss him if he finishes his clinic early. So by the time I reached the pool at about 7pm this evening, I was doubtful I'd have the strength to swim a good 1000m. However, you know what they say - our bodies are amazing! I actually did have a good 1000m swim! Even better than Monday's! I feel the power in the strokes of my arms now. Come on, neurons and muscles, keep it up like this. I need you for Kenyir!!

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