Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bagan Lalang Ride

After all that traveling and fun over the chinese new year season (Kuantan, Singapore, Ipoh), I was pooped! I even slept comatosedly (got sucha word ah?) yesterday after my drive back from Ipoh. Waking up at 6.00am for today's ride was so hard, even with my iPhone ringtone set to "Bark"!

Vong and I made it to MTDC Bangi just in time - 5 minutes before the ride started. The gates to MTDC were closed to us now, so nobody could pee/poop at the toilets. Poor Vong had to change out of his cycling shoes and hide in the bushes. The turnout for the ride was fantastic. Dennis, Prakash, Patrick, Jo, Jamie, Vincent, OJ, Tony, Kim, Zaini, Kwantador, Chris C, Chris H, Clarence, Alp, Khai, Tycoon, and about 15? more. Don & Per-Li arrived just as the ride started, and Don got a puncture. :(

Then Vong got a puncture. But it was really great that Patrick, Prakash, and Dennis waited with us while he got his tube changed. We did a good pace of about 30kmph with Vong leading our mini pack to Salak Tinggi. At the regroup there, I told myself, "Frankly, I don't mind if it rains today". And my wish came true! It drizzled all the way to Sepang!

At Sepang, I found out that my cycling shorts were getting a little worn out at the buttcrack. Hmm, time to change? But these are my fav cycling shorts! Maybe the guys wont mind if its a female buttcrack. More motivation to ride. Hehe. At this point in time, my cadence meter wasn't working. The speed would go on and off, depending on the terrain. If i went downhill really fast, i'd get 0 kmph. So at Sepang, my meter read..29km! HAHAH.

The road to Bagan Lalang was a nice 15k stretch. It gave us the opportunity to ride at a comfortable hard pace. Since I usually pay more attention on the road and focus on the paceline, I can't recall now who was in front pulling at first and who was attacking, etc. But i do remember that when Vong attempted his attack, I jumped 2 cyclists and tagged on to him. Then he stopped his attack. WT... -_-

And I ended up pulling the group to Bagan Lalang. With Kwantador whispering into my ear to bring up the speed. So 35kmph it was. Over the bumps, taking the corners, into the less cloudy beach fondly known as the Gold Coast of Msia.

As we were refueling at the cafe opposite the beach, I got a call from Azman. And he turned out to be right at the opposite cafe! Welcomed him and his cycling buddy to join us on the ride back to Bangi. After the makan-makan and minum-minum, we were ready to take on the heat back to Bangi.

And boy, was it HOT HOT HOT! All the reason more for the peloton to pick up its pace. All I remember from the ride back is riding side by side and behind this really wobbly rider. He was so wobbly, that I myself FELT wobbly. I could have been doing a jig on the bike, if I were not so focused and trying to concentrate on the paceline. (oh crap, HIS paceline) I probably would have overtook him at one point or another, but he was able to keep up with the group. That means he's pretty strong. But he's wobbly!! Arrgh.

So when we got to Bukit Pelanduk, I seized the moment, and climbed up as fast as I could, even managed to squeeze an "I WIN!" for fun to Don, cos I was next to Vong and my front wheel was like 1 inch in front of his. Hehe. I then made full use of the descend down to the road to Salak to runaway from the wobbly guy. My goal was then to chase down the group in front that consisted of OJ, Bryce, Kiren, Razali and some other guys. Azman then joined me and we caught up with the OJ-peloton.

The rest of the way back wasn't as hot as before, with the occasional cooling winds under the shady trees. Then I saw it. 14km to Bangi. Ok. Here we go. We were going pretty fast with OJ superman pulling, I could feel, even though I didn't look at my meter. With the false flats and that speed, I wasn't sure if my legs would hold up. After a while, the next sign came to view. 10km. WHAT? We only did 4km? Gosh. This is mentally challenging.

Ok. So then I decided. Just focus on the ride. And don't let OJ go! Hahah. Which worked. Up and down, cornering as we go. And then - the kandang kambing (goat shed)!! Yay!!! Kambing smell never smelled so good. Haha. On we went, that dreaded last climb before the graceful descend to MTDC.

Then Vong attacked! But everyone was just in survival mode.

And so we rolled back into the carpark at the stroke of 12 noon. Where I dunked my drinking water all over my head, unloaded, and changed into my running shoes. I did a short 5-7 minute run outside to the Wisma Unikeb and back. Not bad. Legs feeling a little lactatey, but no major cramps. Breathing also better now since Dave's advice to breathe in and exhale deeply. I should do this more often, even if I were not training for any triathlons. I think a short run after a long ride helps the leg muscles stretch and loosen up.

There you go! My virgin Sunday ride write up.

Distance: 96km
Duration (including 3 regroups): 4.5 hrs
Ave speed: Meter not working :(


  1. Write more write more :) Riding to Bangi is like me riding back to my home. But then, my family have moved to Kajang.

  2. sure thing, yoong! u write more too!!

  3. What a krazy & sick ride it was!

    Next time u guys shud park at Unikeb UKM. HSL was runnin beside the building after the ride. Clean place to poo-poo & pee-pee with exaust fan & nyamuk. Ample parking space with a guard trown in as a bonus.

    U know, there's CIMB, BSN & Bank Rakyat branch there.